Yesterday 2009-12-29

I did the dishes; over and over and over again.  Not fun but I still chock this one up as a good thing.  Love the results of cleaning but can’t stand the process to get there. 

I cooked grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids for dinner.  Served with veggie juice and apple slices.  I grilled some steaks and brocolli for Mommy and Daddy for dinner.  I also made brown rice although I forgot to plate it and so we didn’t eat it.  But I still count it as being made! 🙂  … DH said the meal was excellent.  I even did the final round of dishes and the kitchen and the Griddler Gourmet are clean.  Yay me!

Sure there are many more on Mommy’s never ending To-Do List.  But alas… let us measure success one act at a time. 

After dinner we had another great Family Movie Night.  We finally felt that #1 was ready to watch The Goonies for the first time.  How amazing is that?  Can I tell you how much fun it is to watch your child enjoy a movie you’ve enjoyed as a child yourself?  Too too awesome.  He was scared and laughed at all the same parts I did.  The Goonies rock.  And yes, I still want to move to wherever the heck that movie takes place in.  Purdy purdy.  He ran over to us after it ended and thanked us for showing the movie to him.  He wrapped us both in a big gigantic hug.  He was so passionate and grateful and told us how much he loved us for it.  (Sniffle, sniffle)  The Goonies may rock but my son rocks harder, man.  Love is such a small word for how I feel about him.  And my #2 as well.  Heck, toss in the ol’ DH too.  Why not? 😉

Thank you universe for another joyful night.


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