Fantasy things…

… and pretty rings, fun toys and wearable art, materialistic and shallow desires… basically lust for objects that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.  I will happily live without these besides the fact that I don’t think I’d ever own any of it (unless one of us wins the lottery!!!) but it doesn’t lessen the fun of day-dreaming. So onward to the wild and wildly expensive! 🙂

1. Diamond studs with white or pink diamonds 2 ctw hopefully at least G VVS1 in platinum (preferably six-prongs or millegrain bezel setting and screw-back posts)–something to pass down to the boys one day perhaps to be in the engagement rings they give to their future wives.

2. This is the ultimate engagement ring: Katherine James Bella’s Love with 3 ct center! The prettiest ring I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Only Queens and Princesses get to have this much sparkle on their fingers (faints into an unresponsive heap onto the floor)!

3. Hermes HAC 32 cm in Fushia/Rose-Shocking/Pink Chevre (if able to place a special order then please make with Gold HW and Rouge Vif strap/lining/piping. Maybe even bought at FSH)! 

4. Two wedding bands, U-prong Platinum Eternity style, one in Emerald and one in Tanzanite (my boys’ birth stones) engraved with “2nd wish and 1st’s birthdate” and “3rd wish and 2nd’s birthdate” respectively.

5.  A large Ruby Ring, I’ve always wanted one since I was a little child.  When I was 16 yrs old, I envisioned that my dream man would buy me a 2-3 ct Ruby ring as an engagement ring.

6. Heart-shaped 1 ct Diamond (white or pink) or 2-3 ct Ruby solitaire platinum pendant and necklace cause it’s pretty and it’s romantic and I’m a frou-frou frilly girl.

7.  Chanel J12 black ceramic 42 mm Automatic watch, bezel set with diamonds and diamond indicators (Ref. # H2014)… WOW (drowns in my own puddle of drool)!

8.  Dream house with 3000 sq ft (I’ll settle for 2500, hehe) in safe/clean neighborhood maybe gated community.   Throw in a state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel appliances (hello Wolf range I’m looking at your hot red knobs, you sexy thing!), a dream granite kitchen island at least 7 ft long, a walk-in pantry, desk/computer/bill-paying area, and room for a comfy breakfast table.  How about adding a to-die-for walk-in closet and luxurious bath while we’re dreaming here?  Complete with a 10,ooo sq ft lot big enough to garden and play and grow my own veggies and roses/peonies with a green house for growing orchids and a small aviary (or large bird cage).  I envision a section of the back yard to be landscaped like my own version of Hobbiton with 2 little houses (one for each of the boys and furnished), a supermarket, a school, miniature trees, a small winding concrete road for bikes/trikes/mini cars to ride and drive on.  Sounds so dreamy and unrealistic but that’s okay because fantasies are more fun when they are fanciful!