One day dreams…

… aspirations, goals, desires, and all LIFE fantasies whether real or unrealistic, fanciful or materialistic, frivolous or serious… to be envisioned here.

1.  I want to travel the world when we retire and live/stay in each locale for as long as my soul needs. I want to learn the language (enough to chit-chat with random strangers) and feel the culture, and experience the food.  I want to understand the uniqueness of each country that I pass through on my travels.

2. I want a puppy (presently leaning towards a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).. I really want one soon!  A cuddle fur-baby to warm my feet, comfort my worries, and accompany me in the everyday.

3. I wish that my children both learn a martial arts like Tae Kwon Do up to the highest belt.  It’d be nice for Husband and me to join in on the fun too if possible.

4. I want to go back to college and collect degrees just for fun, to take whatever courses I want just for the pure joy of learning something interesting and new.

5.  I want to be like Belle in Beauty and the Beast and own a big, fat overly-luxurious multi-story home library where I bury myself for days and weeks at a time.  Preferably one with a ladder, I’ve always wanted one of those movable ladders you can push that is connected to the shelving unit. Books, books, and more books everywhich way.  That’d be awesome.

6. I wish for us to be able to afford private school for the kids’ high school experiences. I want them to ready themselves for college and learn to care for themselves in all respect.

7. I want to take them to Disney World one day before they get too old to really enjoy it.  I want them to be immersed in the magic that Uncle Walt created.

8. I want a house.  Something not too small, not too big.  Something that I can raise my kids in, cook and clean in, dream in, a closet that delights, a yard that holds the promise of laughter and play, a place warm and stable and ready to hold sleepovers for grandchildren.  I really really want this. One day.

9. I want a husband who promises forever, means it, sees no other but me, wants no one else but me, dreams with me, is and will always be my fantasy, plays with me, is serious with me, shares pain and love and heartache and triumph with me. I want a husband who is romantic partner, supporter, friend–the bestest of friends.  I want him to love me more everyday who will marvel at my gray hair, and nuzzle my wrinkles, and celebrate every stage of me. I want him to see the young girl in the old woman’s face and love both equally. I want this.

10.  I can’t wait to have the kind of relationship with my children that is epic and the start of a our own new legacy in OUR family history–where love is the goal, the process, and the tradition.  I want my kids to not think twice to call me when they are adults just to ask me if I’d had my morning coffee or something stupid and inconsequential as that as well as the bigger stuff in life.  I want my kids to wonder what I’m doing at any given moment. I want to be their confidante, their role model, their view of what decency and kindness should be.  I want them to be proud of what their Father and I built for them and for them to know that it was really ALL for them.  I want them to always KNOW not just think or hope or feel, that we love them for the exact, unique people that they are.  I want them to always feel supported, loved, accepted, and most of all… understood.

11. I want my children to always seek the truth, to never fear what is real, to celebrate the beauty in life even when it is full of pain.  Pain is fleeting but joy can be remembered forever.  I want them to know that they can conquer anything, to fight for what is right.  I want them to uphold justice without becoming martyrs to it.  I want them to live and not let fear stop them from going after what they really want.  I want them to have a philosophy that enables them to sleep soundly at night.  I want them to be proud of the people they see in the mirror.  I want them to contribute to this world in a moral, righteous way.  But what I really truly want is for  them to be happy…just be happy.

12. I want a life that is remembered by my offspring.  I want a life that is successful not due to fame or financial gains but due to the joy that was created by me, that was shared by me, and that was given freely by me to those I love.  I want to be remembered for being a person who walked this earth leaving it a better place for having been here through the lives I touch and leave behind. 

13. I hope to die at peace whenever the time may come. I hope to have had a chance to tell all those I love how much I loved them before leaving.  I hope to have led a full life where I made the most of what I got.  That to me is a life well-lived.