Happy List for Dec. 24th, 2009 to Dec. 27th, 2009

1.  Hubby left work early on Xmas Eve! Woohoo! It’s always so very thrilling to get to see and be near him more. Well, not always but this weekend has been extremely lovely.  Why can’t he get paid the same but work half the time?! Well, all I can say is that I can’t wait for retirement.  Hubby, Me 24/7!  I’ll take his good and his bad baby.  He just better continue being worth it! 😉

2.  We spent a very lazy weekend just spending time together and yet we did get to accomplish some household chores.  For all you young hipsters, you may not know this yet but yes, at a certain point in your life you will find much joy when all the dirty dishes are done!

3.  Some of the boys’ Christmas toys actually got assembled by the DH! #2 is loving his new plastic car.

4.  Almost every night this past weekend was family movie night!  Cuddles and cinema on the couch = happy happy joy joy.  The movies we watched at home were:  Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Pagemaster.  We even got to go out for Christmas Dinner and a movie; The Chipmunks the Squeakquel.  Mediocre movie for adults but much fun for my 6 yr old. 

5. Oh and I almost forgot the compulsory list of presents I received!  Let’s see, 4  nostalgic computer games that DH sourced out and bought for me.  They were vastly important in shaping my personality as I played them from the age of 4 on my Dad’s 1st IBM PC.  That would place the oldest game at 28 years ago! Yikes, I know but life would not be as much fun without aging right?  We’ll do that discussion on a later date, I’m sure.  Hehe.  2 Care Bears DVD with cartoons from the original Care Bears Cartoon Series I watched as a kid.  And how can any Christmas be complete without some Hermes Orange Boxes under the tree?  Lucky me I got two!

6.  On Christmas Day DH called his father after almost 10 years of estrangement.  It was emotional.  It was required.  I’m grateful for the connection. 

7.  My new wedding band arrived just in time for Christmas! Oh how I have been on pins and needles for the last two plus weeks waiting for it and it arrives serendipitously on Christmas Eve.  Love it!  Thought sleep would come easier now that I have it on my finger.. well hhmmpft.  I found out the hard way that it just isn’t so.  I woke up several times the last couple of nights just to stare at it. I am in lurve with this little engraved platinum band.  Sigh of contentment. 

8.  I highly enjoy quiet Christmases.  They are lovely.  Now to my soft silk-encased down comforter I go.  A Martinelli’s Apple Cider toast to a beautiful long weekend.


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